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Located in the heart of the French Alps, Cloud Citadel is home to an international community of nature-loving digital nomads and remote workers. Boasting 300+ days of sunshine a year, the Briancon area offers our colivers the perfect environment to get inspired and be more productive in their professional life while spending their free time exploring the mountains through various exciting activities with like-minded individuals.

We love people and we think that when they come together, magic happens

Everyone has their unique path in life, has been through a unique set of experiences and accumulated specific knowledge. When we share time together, we get surprised, we get smarter, we laugh, we cry, we challenge ourselves, we learn from our mistakes, we help each other, we realize that we are all facing the same kind of issues, we connect with each other, we reconnect with ourselves, and all of that enables us to blossom, each of us in our own beautiful way.

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A mountain base for digital nomads and remote workers

The house is located right a the edge of the fortifications, it gets a lot of sun and every room has a stunning view on the mountains. The UNESCO World Heritage citadel of Briançon, aka “Cité Vauban”, feels like a village within the town. It is colorful, full of history and has its own ecosystem. Its narrow streets host many cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, art galleries, and other wonders. All commodities are at couple minutes walk from the house, and one just has to exit the citadel to end up beautiful forests of pine trees, ideal to go for a quick walk/run and fill up your lungs with fresh and clean mountain air.

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A mountain base for digital nomads and remote workers

The house is located right a the edge of the fortifications, it gets a lot of sun and every room has a stunning view on the mountains. The UNESCO World Heritage citadel of Briançon, aka “Cité Vauban”, feels like a village within the town. It is colorful, full of history and has its own ecosystem. Its narrow streets host many cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, art galleries, and other wonders. All commodities are at couple minutes walk from the house, and one just has to exit the citadel to end up beautiful forests of pine trees, ideal to go for a quick walk/run and fill up your lungs with fresh and clean mountain air.

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France’s highest town in the heart of Ecrins National Park

Cloud Citadel is located in Briancon, France’s highest town in the heart of Ecrins National Park and at the foot of one of France’s largest ski resorts, Serre Chevalier. Boasting 300+ days of sunshine a year, this region of the Alps is blessed with an inexplicably good weather. It is a paradise for hikers, climbers, cyclers, skiers or just nature lovers. The Hautes Alpes are situated at the junction of two climates, a continental climate and a Mediterranean climate. This combined with the range of altitudes and the highly varied geology of the area result in a vast diversity of flora and fauna.

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What people say about their experience here

  • Cloud Citadel is the perfect place to be active and work remotely. There are lots of opportunities to socialize, but also to have privacy. Jelena and Joey, the hosts, will do everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Guests were friendly and active, and we organized daily activities together, such as skiing, rock climbing, hikes, and shopping trips. The house is large and very comfortable with different spaces to co-work and socialize. The hosts organized several events like family meals, movie/board game nights, pub quizzes and picnics, which made the stay very interesting. The house is located a few minutes’ walk to Briançon’s city center and the Serre Chevalier ski resort. It is possible to walk to Serre Chevalier in the morning, have a nice snowboarding session and be back to the house in the afternoon to work. It is also possible to rock climb all year long in literally thousands of routes within 30 minutes’ drive from the house. The types of rock and routes are varied and suitable for all levels of rock climbers. There are countless hikes and areas for ski touring nearby. Other popular activities are trail running, biking, paragliding, kayaking, rafting and snow kiting. There is also a nice crag and via ferrata about only 15-20 minutes’ walk from the house. I had an amazing stay at Cloud Citadel and I will definitely come back.
  • What was supposed to be a one month stay quickly turned into 4 months and counting :D. When countries were starting to announce that they were about to lock down in March 2020, I knew there was no reason for me to try to go anywhere else. You have everything you could possibly need here. The surroundings are breathtaking. Amazing paths for hiking or MTB riding, climbing routes are a 20 min drive away in any direction, and snow/ski in winter has been loads of fun here, with plenty of runs just 12 min away on foot. So yes, if you want nature, you have it all here, but even just hanging out at the house has been such a nice experience. The internet is top notch, real office chairs in the coworking space and I don't even know where to begin when talking about the hosts, Jelena and Joey. They're model colivers, always thinking about nice things to do for the rest of the community here. Whether it's making crêpes on Sunday morning or organizing countless group activities, you can tell that they genuinely enjoy doing this stuff and spending time with you. Thank you guys for welcoming me with open arms and putting up with me for longer than anyone should ever need to haha >:D<
  • THE BEST co-living place ever! You shouldn't doubt a second, just book your stay here. Location is incredible especially if you like mountains. Co-working space is great, community is amazing, bedrooms are super comfy. My favourite co-living in the world so far! If you like hiking, skiing, rock climbing or just spending sunny days in the nature, this place is definitely for you.
  • Extraordinary coliving house in the midst of the Alps. It is simply impressive what Jelena and Joé have built. The house is full of soul, located inside the old fortress of Briançon, equipped with a huge, beautiful kitchen, cozy shared spaces, and two coworking areas with good views of the mountains and even a fireplace. Rooms are incredible and well-thought - including the japanese-inspired dorm where I stayed. There is a welcoming, super-active and passionate community of co-workers. I managed to get a lot of work done while also enjoying skillshare sessions, ski touring trips, movies, boardgame nights, cooking, wine tasting... As for location, it doesn't get better than that. This region of the Alps is blessed with an inexplicably good weather. The Massif des Écrins is a paradise for hikers, climbers, cyclers and skiers, and Briançon itself is a remarkable historical city. I was in the house for 1.5 months and that was not enough. I will come back for sure.
  • Wonderful place! We stayed there for 3 weeks in January and loved every minute of our stay. The house is gorgeous, well equipped and spotless clean and the coworking space has probably one of the most amazing mountain views ever.We also enjoyed the location a lot! Briancon is a beautiful town and the outdoor options are almost infinite. In January we went skiing in the morning, headed for a couple snowshoe walks, ski touring while others went climbing. Winter is awesome there but to be honest summer and autumn must be equally amazing since the area looks like a hiker's paradise. We'll be back that for sure!Jelena and Joey are 2 truly amazing hosts who will always make sure everything is perfect for their guests. We will be back without any hesitation and highly recommend this beautiful space to all outdoor enthusiasts.
    Benoit and Fabienne
  • Cloud Citadel was my first ever coliving experience and I've LOVED it. I originally booked for 1 month to escape Paris during lockdown and finally ended up staying 2 months because I felt so much at home that I didn't want to leave. Let's start with the house : it's gorgeous. The rooms are cosy and bright, some of them are bigger than a Parisian flat! The common areas are super clean and well decorated. The coworking spaces are well equipped and the internet connexion is super fast. Now, the community : we shared so many great moments that we created a true sense of togetherness. We organized a lot of indoor/outdoor activities (climbing, hiking, Via ferratas, ski touring and so many more). Cloud Citadel is the perfect place for people who are looking for a quiet spot to work while having fun and sharing meaningful moments with fellow remote workers. And finally, the hosts : Jelena and Joé did an amazing job creating a place where everybody feels welcome and accepted as a member a the family! They have an incredible mindset and they gladly shared their time and experience with us. Thank you for everything and save a spot for me this summer, I'll be back for more adventures.
  • I stayed two months at Cloud Citadel this winter and i loved it! Jelena and Joé built a cosy and beautiful coliving space - special mention to the bedsheets 🤩. Other people in the house were all smart, fun and respectful - with a shared passion for good food and drinks 😋. Now let's talk about outside the house, in one word, stunning: mountains, blue sky, fresh snow and mulled wine... try not to be happy with that! I'll be back for sure ❤️.
  • Cloud Citadel is an epic workation location in the sunny Alps of Briançon. It's a great mix of nature, community and 'get shit done' vibes. I really enjoyed my time there exploring the surroundings and rock climbing, rafting, hiking and doing via ferrata. The community Cloud Citadel attracts is also super cool and a great bunch of open-minded and fascinating people. Can't wait till I come back!
  • I spent 10 days in Cloud Citadel and had such an amazing time there! People are super friendly, open-minded and travel lovers… which make this cozy place somewhere we can really feel at home! 👌 Jelena & Joé: thanks for having created this really cool place in the clouds and for the good vibes! I can’t wait for coming back next time 😍.
  • Spoiler alert! Probably one of the best coliving you'll ever stay! 😁 We stayed 3 months as a couple during winter/spring time, and we had such a fantastic time at Cloud Citadel!!! The place is amazing! It's a massive renovated old house on top of the mountain, but still accessible, with a stunning view of the valley, the rooms are cozy, warm and decorated with wonderful taste. The location is perfect, crazy good weather, we had 98% sun in three months... close to shops and most of all to every mountain activity you can dream of! Even a SPA with outside hot springs to relax on Sunday 😜 But Cloud Citadel is also a beautiful community of people, inspiring, respectful, sharing good values, and it was super fun time. We were able to tackle a lot of work if needed but still have this holiday camp vibe, so great! 😉 Jelena and Joé on top of being two of the nicest people I know are playing a big part on keeping the place dynamic by organizing family meeting where everyone shares skills, and we plan activities for the week, ski, fat bike, cross-country, via ferrata, hikes, family dinner, movie nights, game nights, ... you never get bored 😁 It was totally one of our best coliving experience. We made friends, we had a fantastic time, we'll be back for sure!!! ✨
  • Where can I even start ? This place is amazing! I came for 2 months and ended up extending as much as possible, as did everyone else. So from that perspective make sure you book in advance. Cloud Citadel is an incredible place. We had activities every week and a family meeting on Mondays to plan everything, ski touring, climbing, via ferrata, hikes, quizzes, skill shares etc. striking a great balance between having fun and being productive. The family dinners every Saturday were amazing also because we got to spend even more time together. I was lucky to meet some incredible people and to create some really strong bonds. Also Jelena and Joe were the absolute best hosts. They are kind and caring and they do their best to make sure everyone feels at home and is enjoying the time spent there! The place is really clean and super well organized. I wouldn’t hesitate to come back as it was a really memorable experience! Thanks again for everything.
  • What a great experience... It was my first coliving experience and one of my best decisions. Cloud Citadel is an unique place where you will find great people, beautiful nature, amazing landscapes and exciting experiences but also calme and cosy workspace area and sleep cocon :). And there's too much to say about Jelena and Joé, beautiful souls that made this place as cold play said * wonderful adventure *. I was there for two weeks and I found a second home and stayed for two months and I'm coming back soon soon ;). If you still hesitate so don't just chat with Jelena on the website and you will be there in the next couple of days... This place is amazing. And you can ski, climbing, hiking, chilling, work hard, yoga, CrossFit 😉 and much more. Thank you Jelena and Joé. See you soon guys. Machamed 😉
  • How can I even start? I came to Cloud Citadel to visit a friend for 2 weeks. I enjoyed this place so much that I ended up staying for 2 months. This place is simply a paradise, a haven of peace and great vibes !! ☀️🏵️🌸 and it's a blessing during such weird covid times. On top of being in the best location of the Alps (so great hiking, climbing and skiing, and the most beautiful blue sky ever: I've seen no more than three days of clouds!!!), Joé and Jelena have created a place that feels just like home, and even better. This house is full of light, music and laughs. It's cosy and warm, all rooms are really beautifully decorated, the kitchen is great and everyone can cook and dance at the same time. The view from all bedrooms is stunning, I miss my cloud citadel mornings so much since I'm back in grey Paris. I've met incredibly kind and radiating people, that have become true friends. We shared such unique moments, adventures and crazy parties together. This experience will stay in my memory and in my heart forever. See you soon, guys, thank you so much... I'll be here this summer for the 6a+ of course !! 😎 And for you who are wondering if you should go or not, just stop wondering and click NOW before the 2021 viking crew has booked all available rooms ✨
  • I booked, hoping I would be skiing every day, but because of Covid, all lifts were closed. Despite not being able to do what I came for, I still had the time of my life. This place is fantastic and every single person during the 3 months I spent here were amazing. I knew nobody when I came, but I made friendships that will last a lifetime. Especially the area where Cloud Citadel is located is beautiful, and the nature and surroundings are astonishing. And it's almost always sunny in Briançon! The house is nice, clean and tidy. The kitchen works well, the coworking area is great, and so are the rest of the facilities. High speed internet for us remote workers. When not working, every hour was filled with adventures, interesting conversations and laughter. There is so much to do in the area, no matter if you want to take it easy or go for the challenges. This place is unique, and you owe it to yourself to check it out. I have already booked next winter, one year in advance.
    Big Joe
  • Booked for 2 weeks... stayed for 6/7 and booked 2 months over winter 🙂 Great community, perfectly located in the citadel, beautiful scenery, tons of activities, the building is really nicely finished throughout, comfy beds!, lovely bars/restaurants close by, loads of office space with comfy chairs, fresh coffee/teas, family dinners, and last but not least, Jelena and Joé are the best hosts ever!
  • This coliving is just perfect! We came as a couple and originally booked a room for 2 months… we ended up staying for 3! Travellers for a few years, we had the chance to try a lot of different colivings before. And I have to say: this one is without any doubt one of the best you could find! As a digital nomad, it is sometimes hard to feel like home in the places you visit. Well, not in Cloud Citadel! The house is just so cosy! The light, the spaces, the style, the rooms, the town… everything is made for you to feel comfortable. The coworking space is one of a kind! The view is STUNNING, the chairs are ergonomic, the internet fast, and there is a very cute fireplace. You are really able to focus on your work there and get a lot done! But what makes this coliving very special is the community. The weekly family meeting makes a huge different: you get to know people very quickly & organise many activities: dog sledding, ski touring, hiking, fat biking… but also indoor activities such as board game nights or skillshares. The people we met there are so inspirational and open minded! We truly bonded, which is sometimes hard to do when you travel a lot! And if you are not French and you are worried about that… don’t be! Everyone is so welcoming that we only speak English (unless you want to learn French or any other languages that other people might speak!). Finally, special thanks to Jelena and Joé of course, the owners, who I believe are friends now! They care deeply about how every single guest feel in the house, and are very involved in their project, which will make your stay unforgettable!
  • Joé et Jelena, the owners, have made this place very homely. The place is beautifully decorated and the working space with the fireplace made my day on most cold winter days. In the coliving I had the chance to meet inspiring and open minded people that are always up to try the many activities that you can do in Briançon and around - ski, ice/rock climbing, ice skating, via ferrata, mountain biking, hiking, dog sledging etc. You will never run out of things to do here. I highly recommend this coliving if you are looking for a home to stay 🙂 Thank you Joe et Jelena for making my stay so enjoyable.
  • I came for a month and ended up staying for 4... A fantastic mountain coliving and coworking place in a beautiful part of the Alps. During winter I was able to walk to the ski lifts but as my stay extended into Spring the surroundings were just as good for mountain biking and climbing. Joé and Jelena have really created a magical spot to hang out, make new friends and work. Highly recommended!
  • Just go for it! Truly wonderful co-living home in charming Briançon Citadel settings. The house is decorated with such care and love - very comfortable office space and bedrooms with stunning mountain views. Joey and Jelena made an amazing job creating the space and community. Thank you!
  • I spent one week at Cloud Citadel and I had an excellent time! The location in the old town is terrific, the number of available activities incredible, and I still can't believe how nice the weather was! Not to mention, the view on the mountains from the bedroom and the coworking space! More importantly, the hosts, Joey and Jelena, radiate the perfect vibe to create an excellent coliving place, attracting a community of like-minded people, facilitating deep connections and great shared experiences. Will I come back? Count on it!
  • I’ve spent a lot of time working and living in places around the world, and Briancon is without a doubt one of the most special places I’ve ever been. The mixture of the outdoors, culture, and community are really hard to beat. Cloud Citadel is something you have to experience for yourself.

    Matt Doyle


  • It was so amazing to stay and work in an former 19th century military barracks. Cloud Citadel was the perfect mix of things to do and a slow pace of life to get work done.

    Roberta Doyle


Enjoy the conveniences of a small town nestled in the mountains

Enjoy the conveniences of a small town nestled in the mountains

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