Briançon Serre Chevalier, France: Complete Guide to the Valley & Ski Resort
February 9, 2020

Briançon Welcomes the First Coworking/Coliving Space in the French Alps

Published by Grace Austin on January 29, 2020

Source: Extreme Nomads

This is big news for digital nomads with a passion for snow sports

The first-ever coworking/coliving space has opened shop in the Serre Chevalier, right at the foot of some of the country’s most epic skiing and snowboarding slopes.

Why is this so noteworthy? WELL.

Up until now, digital nomad facilities were scarce in Europe’s winter sports destinations (with the exception, perhaps, of Bulgaria’s newly established digital nomad hub, Bansko).

This has meant any nomads looking for a community of powder-lovers (as in snow, people, stay with me) had either

a) very little choice between European destinations and

b) a heeeella lotta independent planning to do in order to establish a suitable work/play base to enjoy their sports AND still be able to plug their laptops into good wifi.

So when we got wind that Cloud Citadel was setting up a space in southeast France, we were mega interested. And then we got asked to come and be part of the pioneering community and guinea pigs for the soft opening, which was really and truly AWESOME.

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