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This Project is About People

We love people and we think that when they come together, magic happens. Everyone has their unique path in life, has been through a unique set of experiences and accumulated specific knowledge. When we share time together, we get surprised, we get smarter, we laugh, we cry, we challenge ourselves, we learn from our mistakes, we help each other, we realize that we are all facing the same kind of issues, we connect with each other, we reconnect with ourselves, and all of that enables us to blossom, each of us in our own beautiful way.

We love mountain activities because they ground us in the now, make us forget about our everyday worries and reconnects us to nature. We love bringing people together because we are convinced we learn faster from each other than alone, and because it is always nice to have someone to share the things you like to do with. If you love people and mountains, this is your place!

So, how does this happen in the real world?

We are a team of three and we organize a weekly house meeting on Monday evening, during which we define what will happen during the week. Everyone can suggest an activity and is free to join or not. This approach empowers our colivers, places them at the center of the community and enables people to organize themselves workwise and free their schedule when there is an activity they want to participate in.

So far, within the house, we have had:

  • family dinners (American, Japanese, French, English, Indian, Mexican, potluck, raclette, fondue, tartiflette, vietnamese rolls, veggie burgers, dahl, pizzas, curries, and manyyy soups), crêpes and French toasts breakfasts, Bosnian VS Polish donut baking competition, and many sweet snacks like key lime pie, scones, chocolate cake, carrot cake, cinnamon rolls, apple tarts, brownies, lemon pie, galette des rois, tarte tatin, brioches…
  • workshop/skillshare/mastermind about sustainable travel, intimacy, yoga, acroyoga, dark web, SEO, marketing, blogging, videography, LAN networks, Zapier, stock market, coliving, life purpose, sourdough, kombucha, keyword search, Facebook ads, painting, knitting, wim hof breathing, meditation, mindfulness, tarot, juggling, handstands, crypto, machine learning…
  • game nights, movie nights, quiz nights, karaoke nights, drag nights and we even organized an international pub crawl once!
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Do You Want Make a Group Reservation?

Contact Joey and Jelena for group offers.

Do You Want Make a Group Reservation?

Contact Joey and Jelena for group offers.

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