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What is a coliving?

Coliving is a concept of sharing your work and life space with a group of individuals who have similar lifestyles. We have set our coliving for people who value freedom and independence while having an active community at hand. Being surrounded with individuals who share your values but have a different life experience than yours is a great way to learn and develop yourself both professionally and personally.

Where is Briancon and how to get there?

Briancon is located in the south-east part of France, deep in the Alps, 20 km from the Italian border. There are different ways to get here. Closest airports are Turin, Grenoble and Lyon. During season there are different bus shuttles directly from these airports to Briancon. Another interesting option is taking a night train from Paris. Let us know from where you are coming, and we can advise you the best way to get here. Find out more here.

What is included in the stay?

Accommodation in either private or shared rooms, coworking, and fully equipped kitchen with everything you might need.

How fast is your internet?

We have two VDSL2 modems combined with a switch and connected to three access points to properly cover the whole house. That allows us to have a solid 50 mbps.

What types of rooms do you have?

We have private and shared rooms. Only one room (for now) has an ensuite bathroom. Check out The House page for more details and prices.

Why don't you have more photos of the space?

We opened end of January, and some rooms have always been occupied since then. We are also, at the moment, finishing some renovations here and there. But more will come soon!

Do I need a car for Briancon?

Everything you might need for your stay here is within walking distance. But if you want to explore the region independently you will need to use the services of either public transport, electric bike rentals or car rentals. Also, weekly trips will be organised for our guests and transportation will be included in the service.

What is public transport like?

Briançon has its own network called TUB. Four lines will bring you wherever you need around the town (see map here). The closest stop to the house is “Porte d’Embrun” (2 min walk). You will be able to use this network for FREE (as we are paying occupancy tax for you). If you want to travel a bit further, another company called Resalp deserves the valleys around. The closest stops to the house are “Champ de Mars” and “Lycée d’altitude” (both 5 min walk). With this same company, you can go until Grenoble, or Oulx in Italy. Last but not least, Linkbus can make your life easier as it connects Briançon to Lyon and Turin airport.

I would like to come some other time of the year, can I book my stay then?

Yes, you can. Cloud Citadel only closes during the month of November. Each season is beautiful in its own way. Winter (December – mid-April) is when we enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, watching huge snowflakes slowly fall, thermal baths, snuggling under a warm blanket with a hot chocolate and fire everyday in the coworking space. Spring (mid-April – June) is when nature comes to life again. It is great for climbing, hiking, biking in a vibrant environment and feel the full strength of the mountain: loads of water, snow-capped peaks and lush green. The air is crystal clear, it is so nice to breath and you can see super far. Summer (July – September) is the most social time, the old town becomes very alive with many restaurants, bars, events, life music and festivals. It is time for barbecues, swimming in lakes, wild camping, picking wild berries, watching starry skies, hiking in alpine meadows or up to the summits, but also whitewater rafting/kayaking/canyoning, and biking around to high passes. It is also a great place if you want to escape from a heatwave. The old town lies at 1326 meters above sea level. Autumn is the best for colors. All south slopes around here are covered with larsh trees, conifers that loose their needles during this time of the year. It starts with yellow at lower altitudes with broad-leaved trees, then orange, then lach trees start to change color. While these shades of yellow, orange and red slowly climb the mountains, snow starts to appear at their tops. Truly beautiful. It is also mushroom season and the Alps are full of them!

How am I going to entertain myself in Briancon?

If you come in winter, after discovering the 250 km of slopes of Serre Chevalier, you can explore different closeby resorts or try something different like snowshoeing or ski touring to experience the less accessible areas of Ecrins and Queyras national parks. We also usually like to have a chill day or after ski recovery in the thermal baths directly accessible from the slopes. If you want more adventure, La Grave off-piste ski resort is 45 minutes’ drive, and Lautaret’s pass, one of the most famous European snowkite spot, is 30 minutes’ drive. If you come in summer, there is even more choice and ways to experience the playground we are surrounded with: rock climbing, via ferratas, alpinism, mountain/downhill/road biking, kayaking, rafting, canyoning, hiking, trail running, paragliding, wild camping, etc. We are right in the middle of the fun!

What do I do about food?

There is a fully equipped kitchen with anything you might need at your disposal. There is a small supermarket in the proximity of the house and many other bigger ones and organic ones in the lower part of the town. Do not miss bi-weekly farmers’ market where you can find fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, meat, fish, fresh pasta and pastries coming from both French and Italian vendors. If mountain food like fondue, raclette or tartiflette is in your interest, there is a whole selection of small restaurants just a street away from the coliving.

I do not speak French, is this a place for me?

The official language of Cloud Citadel is English. This is a touristy town that is slowly becoming more visible to international tourists so English is making its way here. Do not trust the stereotype of French not liking English language and be surprised when you buy your eggs on the market. If you are interested in some French lessons while here, let us know and we can organize it for you. Also, there is a growing international group of people who came here for the unique opportunity of living in the mountains.

What is the weather like usually?

The weather depends on the season but it is sunny here 300 days per year. That means that even during the winter days you will be greeted by blue skies and ideal conditions for outside activities. At the same time there is a significant amount of rainfall per year and large snow falls during winter. The microclimate of this place makes it a unique destination.

Do I need to be an extreme skier to come?

There is something for everyone in Serre Chevalier, whether you are a beginner, off-piste skier or a tree-skiing lover. 61 lifts, 250 km and 81 pistes for all levels (13 green, 25 blue, 30 red and 13 black). Serre Chevalier is known for its very extensive off-piste and Europe’s best tree-skiing.

What sort of community events do you have?

We will organise weekly community meetings and from there on see what kind of events or activities are you interested in doing. Mastermind sessions, different types of workshops, communal dinners, Sunday pancakes or cheese Fridays.

Do you offer any sort of guided activities?

We have a collaboration with local english speaking guides and plan to organise weekly activities for groups of people. These guides are also available if you are interested in doing something more independently.